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Handmade Valentine's Day Soaps
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This is a project that will cost under 20 bucks (and under 10 if you don't use fragrance).  It's fun and fast, and the results are really beautiful.  Once you try this, you will definitely want experiment with more molds and colors!  All the ingredients can be found at any crafts store, and links are also provided to the left for your convenience.

What you will need:
- Unflavored cooking oil spray
- Clear, unscented Glycerin soap.
- Microwaveable measuring cup (1 cup).
- Soap coloring.
- Toothpicks.
- Waxed paper.
- Soap Scent or essential oil (optional).
- Soap molds (you can also use empty cans, small milk cartons, or anything else that you think would make a nice finished shape.

Lightly spray your mold with the cooking oil.

Using a sharp knife, cut the Glycerin bar into small cubes.  They don't have to be pretty.  A grater will also work. 

Put the cubes into the measuring cup and heat on high in the microwave until the Glycerin is melted.  This takes usually a minute or less. 

Pour the Glycerin into the mold (or can, or whatever you decided to use).  The photo above was done with non-stick cake pans - they worked okay but it was a bit difficult (but not impossible) to get the finished soap out.  Add soap coloring one drop at a time and stir with a toothpick until you reach the desired color.  You can also create a marbleized effect by putting a drop in the middle and gently swirling it around.  Or try putting a small amount of Glycerin in the mold, coloring it, and letting it cool, then adding another layer of a different color, etc.  Add glitter or anything else you want embedded in the soap when it is liquid (play around with crushed and powdered herbs, for example).

Let the soap cool for about 30 minutes, then turn onto waxed paper.  If you used a can, use a can opener on the bottom of the can and push the soap out the top.

You now have one-of-a-kind soaps to display in the manner of your own choosing, such as a clear glass bowl or a fancy dish.  Enjoy! 


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