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How to Make Herbal Capsules

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Making herbal capsules is a good way to make use of herbs that are bitter or unpleasant tasting, making them unsuitable to drink in a tea.  Capsules are also more convenient at work or school, and can be stored in bulk in bottles, jars, or dispensers for ease of use. 

To make herbal capsules for use at home, take fresh herb leaves of your choice (a lot of them - the volume will be reduced by at least 10 times), and wash to remove any foreign debris.  Dry thoroughly on paper towels, then dry on screens in the sun or in a non-humid part of the house.  The leaves will be brown and pulverize easily when fully dry.  You may have to cut out thick stems that won't reduce to a powder, depending on the herb you are using.  Using a mortar and pestle, blender, coffee grinder, or whatever type of device you have around, grind the leaves into a fine powder, adding a little at a time until done.  

In order to make your own encapsulated medications, you will obviously need empty capsules.  You can buy capsules and capsule machines inexpensively online or at your local health food store.   All capsule machines come with clear instructions, so I won't go into the particulars here.  Just be sure that you order the same size of everything.  If not using a capsule machine, the trick to filling capsules is to open the capsule, dip the bigger end into the powdered herb and stuff it as tightly as possible, then insert the smaller end and shake so that the compressed material will expand to fill both ends. This takes some practice, so don't expect your first capsule to be the most beautiful thing you have ever seen. Rest assured, however, that you will become proficient at this in short order. Also, it is easier to separate all your capsules into big end and little end piles before you start, and you might consider wearing surgical gloves to keep the capsules from sticking to your fingers.    

When using home-made herbal capsules, start with a low dose to ensure that you won't have any adverse reactions, and then work your way up.  2-3 capsules per day to begin is prudent, working your way up weekly for the most beneficial effects. 



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